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Serve Week 2022

We have dedicated one week of the entire year where we intentionally give our heart, soul, mind, and time into the community.

August 22nd - August 27th 2022

Interested in registering to volunteer for Serve Week?

Text "SERVE WEEK" to (323) 607-6336

or email us at

Day 1:

Fostering Hope Night

An opportunity to bring hope to the lives of young girls in the foster care system.

Day 4: 

Red Eye Watts Empowerment Center

A day solely dedicated  to beautify Red Eye. We have the opportunity to offer our time and resources to an organization dedicated to serving underprivileged youth in Watts. 

Day 2:

Teacher Appreciation

A day where we appreciate teachers and all their hard work.

Day 5: 

Red Eye After School Bash

An after school event for the youth at Red Eye where we have games, music, food, and so much more. 

Day 3:

A Day of Kindness

Be kind to someone else.


Record yourself. TAG US!!

 @_reachlosangeles @rtlachurch

Day 6:

Community Clean Up

Come and help clean our city. Let's make South Central beautiful together. 

Other ways to contribute:

Donate to our serve week fund: 

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