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Our Mission

Building a  community where opportunities are discovered and reached!

Reach LA is a nonprofit organization that emerged out of  RTLA Church located in South Central Los Angeles that has consistently served the community for over 18 years. Our mission is to provide financial literacy courses, post-secondary career mentorship, and foster programs to Latino and Black youth aging out of the foster care system. These resources create an opportunity for positive change in multiple areas of their lives.

Our vision is to provide an alternative path for youth to successfully transition to adulthood, breaking cycles of poverty and incarceration in the Los Angeles area.

Why it matters?

  • 26,000 foster kids age out of the foster care system each year

  • 25% will have no high school diploma

  • 50% will be unemployed by the age of 24

  • 1 in 4 will be involved in the justice system within two years

  • 71% of young women will be pregnant by the age of 21

  • 1 in 5 will be homeless after the age of 18

  • 80% of trafficking victims are from the foster care system

  • There is less than a 3% chance for children who have aged out of foster care to earn a college degree at any point in their life. 

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