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Meet Our Team


Cynthia Buelna


Reach LA was founded in 2017 by Cynthia Buelna who grew up in South Central, LosAngeles.
She saw how young women filled the streets at night and sold their bodies to survive. She wanted to make a change. However, quickly she learned that 60% of sex trafficking victims have been in the foster care system. The system was failing and she knew she needed to do something about it.
“What if we can reach them before they make life threatening decisions?” Reach LA is an organization that will educate and mentor these young men and women on how to avoid these pitfalls and build a healthy life.

Javier Buelna


Javier Buelna was born and raised in South Central L.A. He founded RTLA church in

2004 and since then has served his community by providing hope and guidance through

his weekly gatherings and lifestyle. Javier Buelna lives a life that reflects hope and

redemption for those individuals and families who do not have it all together- for those

who want to build a better future.



Leticia Castro


Leticia Castro was raised in South Central Los Angeles. She has a heart for the

community and has served this population ever since RTLA Church started. She

understands the importance of advocating for equality and seeks to help be the change

the community needs.


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